By: Samantha Kemp-Jackson

How To Navigate Screen Time, Kids' Mental Health and Safety

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Lynette Patterson already had her hands full, before the pandemic. The 42-year-old is a working mother of four — 14-year-old twin boys, a nine-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter. Now, with the mandated e-learning, this IT audit director has had to add another unpaid job to her already busy schedule: educator. While her older children are fairly self-reliant in completing their school...Read More

By: Steve Huebl

Risks To Economic Outlook "Overblown," But Rates To Stay Low: Poloz

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Canada’s economy may prove surprisingly resilient in its recovery following the COVID-19 lockdown, according to Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz. In his final press conference before stepping down as BoC Governor next month, Poloz said, “I’m relatively optimistic…compared with what the talk is.” His more positive assessment comes just one week after the head o...Read More

Reflecting On Your Real Estate Goals:  Should You Sell Your Home?

By: Helen Avraam Neo

Reflecting On Your Real Estate Goals: Should You Sell Your Home?

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While the COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges, it also brings an opportunity to slow down and reflect. You've likely never spent as much time at home as you have in recent months, which begs the question: is your physical space aligned with your current (and future) goals and priorities? Few decisions will have a bigger impact on your life than selling your home. These three questions w...Read More

Five Summer Projects To Increase Home Resale Value

By: Helen Avraam Neo

Five Summer Projects To Increase Home Resale Value

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Assessing the best return for your investment is paramount when undertaking home improvement projects. This means putting a priority on the jobs that are likely to be more valuable than others. Summer is an ideal time to get outside and invest your time, money and resources in a project that is going to pay back when it comes time to sell your home. We recommends investing in these top five outdo...Read More

By: Helen Avraam Neo

National Home Price To Show Remarkable Resilience In 2020

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  According to the Royal LePage House Price Survey and Market Survey Forecast released today, the aggregate1 price of a home in Canada is expected to remain remarkably stable through the COVID-19 pandemic. If the strict, stay-at-home restrictions characterizing the fight against COVID-19 are eased during the second quarter, prices are expected to end 2020 relatively flat, with the aggr...Read More

How To Build A Stunning Pergola

By: Carol J. Alexander

How To Build A Stunning Pergola

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  TypicallyTypically found in gardens and backyards, a pergola is a structure that says, “Sit here. Let’s visit awhile.” It includes vertical posts supporting a lattice of crossbeams that provide limited shade. Pergolas come in all shapes and sizes and help to define an outdoor space, often for backyard entertaining. Vines like wisteria, honeysuckle, and jasmine provid...Read More

By: Alexandra Bandon

How To Build a Raised Vegetable Garden

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Age Range: 6 and up Here's a great project for the budding gardener in your family. This Old House TV landscape contractor Roger Cook recently showed a few young friends how to make a raised garden. Read Full Aricle Here                                                 ...Read More